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About Us

We are a next-generation buying group of premium and independent travel management companies that operate in the high-end leisure and corporate travel space.

As a market leader in air, land and technology innovation, we are expertly positioned to provide a competitive advantage to help you drive long-term growth and meet the challenges of the evolving travel landscape.

Why Choose Alatus

We are a united group both in culture and action, aiming to learn together through collaborative innovation, driving productive changes in process and achieving sustainable long-term growth.

Our exclusive member network will allow you:

  • To drive business strategy and direction for the group into the future

  • Full transparency of preferred partnerships and reporting of override commissions

  • Access to a full-service ticketing solution and cutting edge NDC ticketing and ancillary platforms

  • The benefits of future technology innovations, so you can deliver value to your clients in a highly competitive and constantly changing environment

  • Security of a brand that won’t be sold unless voted on by all members

“We’re an invitation-only ‘by the members for the members’ group; with the platform, partnerships and technological innovation to ensure our members succeed at the highest level.”

Tom Manwaring Founder and CEO of Alatus.

Our Members

Emma Whiting
Emma WhitingEmma Whiting Travel
Francesca Labbozzetta
Francesca LabbozzettaMarconi Travel
Kylie Luttrell
Kylie LuttrellThe Travel Notebook
Monique Monsees
Monique MonseesCherrybrook
Stuart Ingram
Stuart IngramDestination HQ
Svemir and Jadranka Fazlic
Svemir and Jadranka FazlicAdria International Travel
Robyn Davies
Robyn DaviesWOW! Travel
Jane Robinson
Jane RobinsonJBR Travel
Lauren Ashworth
Lauren AshworthThe Departure Lounge Travel & Cruise

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    Alatus is backed by Express Travel Group. Their extensive partnerships built over the last 32 years brings a wealth of expertise and trust. Alatus will benefit from Express Travel Groups existing support structure and technology advancements, not only offering you corporate air and high end leisure, but ready-made agreements across land and luxury cruise partners.